Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

importance of learning english

What makes the English language is important in the era of globalization? Maybe it was one of the many questions that arise in our mind after reading the title of this article. The answer to that question is very simple: because English has become a universal language is used in the world of technology, education, politics, commerce, and so forth. Language is the most crucial communication tool, and like it or not, this time English is very dominate all aspects of communication. We can see almost all electronic devices use English. Most countries in Asia are also using English as 'Medium of Instruction' or make the English as a second language after their national language. Call it the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. English is the communication tool most often used by the world. English is a global 'Lingua Franca'.

In a modern world filled with challenges and competition is super tight, everyone is advised not only have a high level of education, but also required specialized skills that we commonly call 'skill'. One of the 'skill' is most needed today is English. In accordance with the above explanation, English is the global language, so for those who want to step ahead of the people in general, need to even have to master English.

Many people are reluctant to learn English because they feel too old to be able to master the language. But I think the main capital to speak English well is not a person's age, how much determination Namuan someone to learn. As for the crucial that we must first master the vocabulary is in a language, or better known as the vocabulary. Vocabulary knowledge in English is the main capital in learning this language. Vocabulary is the cornerstone of learning a language. Someone who wants to learn a new language needs to deepen the knowledge of vocabulary to be able to speak fluently.

Learning the vocabulary is not difficult. Anyone can learn it quickly as long as once learned, vocabulary should be used as often as possible. Vocabulary should be introduced or taught since early childhood. However, it's never too late for anyone who wants to learn at the age of berapun.

When we asked "When is the best time to learn English?" Now is the time. If we feel shy or nervous when speaking English, it's not our fault. If we make a mistake in English, and even then not a mistake. Why? Because Native Speaker course often make mistakes in pronunciation (pronunciation) and grammar. How to cope with things like this is trivial, that is with high confidence and mastery of vocabulary.

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