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  1. I am slow to_______.
         Answer            : Make my opinion
         Reasion           : Menyatakan pandangan
    2.  I have to have this report finished________.
         Answer            : Until Friday
        Reasion           : Sampai jumat
   3.  We werw fortunate enough to visit the Grand Canyon. It has________.
         Answer            : Many beautiful landscapes
         Reasion           : Pemandangan
   4.  The car was parked directly___________ the diner.
         Answer            : Ahead of
         Reasion           : Di depan
    5.  The ski resorts are usually crowded. There are many people_______ skiing.
          Answer            : That enjoying
          Reasion           : Menikmati melakukan/menikmati bermain
     6.  It is already 3 o’clock. Can you_______ time to catch the bus ?
          Answer            : Have it in
          Reasion           : Dengan segera
    7.  I went to have my glasses _________.
         Answer            : Fitted
        Reasion           : Past Tense
   8.  Mary’s house is ________ the hair salon. Do you think you can find it ?
        Answer            : Near to
        Reasion           : Tidak jauh/dekat
   9.  The burning stick was very hot. He let ________ just in time.
        Answer            : Go alone it
        Reasion           : Past Tense
10.  Do we have ________ money to last us the week ?
       Answer            : Plentiful
       Reasion           : Banyak berlimpah11.
  11..John decided _________ golf on weekends.
        Answer            : To commence
        Reasion           : Memutuskan untuk memulai
    12.It _________ to me whether we meet them or not
         Answer            : Makes not a difference
         Reasion           : Ada kata makes karena di depannya “it”
  13.  We were ________ after all the hard work.
         Answer            : Outworn
         Reasion           : Past Tense 
  14.  We saw _________ wild animals while on vacation.
         Answer            : Quite many
         Reasion           : Reposition + In
  15.  They are late as usual. I don’t think we should _________ them.
          Answer            : Wait for
          Reasion           : Untuk menunggu
    16.Are you _________ the competition ?
        Answer            : Going entering
        Reasion           : Past Tense
  17.  You had better ________ the tourist information office.
         Answer            : Inquiring at
          Reasion           : Simple Present
    18. Ireland was part of the UK, ________?
           Answer            : Didn’t it
           Reasion           : Past Tense
           19.They will be ________ this summer ?
                 Answer            : Presents
                 Reasion           :Reposition + In
           20. Will they go ________ this summer ?
                 Answer            : To swim
                 Reasion           : Simple Present 
     21.   The New York police were very anxious ________ about the crime.
             Answer            : Learn more
             Reasion           : Because it for Countable
      22.  Many excited women could ________ at the department store sale.
             Answer            : Be seen
             Reasion           : Present Future
      23. The sink in the locker room tends to __________.
             Answer            : Overflow
             Reasion           : Past Tense
      24.  How long did the baseball game ________?
             Answer            : Endure
            Reasion           : Menentukan berapa lama
      25. We must _________ the annual board meeting tomorrow.
            Answer            : Attend to
           Reasion           : Present future
  1. The subway station is _________ here.
          Answer            : Near to
         Reasion           : Simple Present
   2.  When we woke up, everywhere was _________ snow.
        Answer            : Covered by
        Reasion           : Menentukan kapan
   3.  Do earthquakes ________ often in North America ?
        Answer            : Break out
       Reasion           : Because it for countable
 4.  We had better _________ before it begins to rain.
      Answer            : Leaving
      Reasion           : Simple Present Tense for question
 5.  A large crowd _________ in front of the train station.
      Answer            : To gather
      Reasion           : Asking the feel of new condition
 6.  In winter, driving accidents occur quite _______ on the highways.
      Answer            : Many
      Reasion           : Past Tense
 7.  Would you like to _________ to the United States ?
      Answer            : Voyage
      Reasion           : Present Future
 8.  Most people at some stage have a feeling________.
      Answer            : Responsibility
      Reasion           : In Beded question
 9.  This stadium can hold _________.
      Answer            : A large audience
     Reasion           : Present Future
10. When the mountain forests ________, there can be large forest fires.
      Answer            : Becoming dry
      Reasion           : V+V1+adj come after subject
  11. “What kind of work are you doing for that company?”
        “I’m ________ as an administrator.”
         Answer            : Employed
         Reasion           : V+ being employed
   12. “I don’t want to buy anything, do you?”
         “Yes , I’d like to buy __________ “
          Answer            : Some pencils
         Reasion           : Put in positive sentences
    13.We can _________ sports on Saturday if you’d like.
          Answer            : Has
          Reasion           : Comes after modal auxiliary 
   14.__________ the hotel rooms are reserved throughout peak season.
         Answer            : Almost of
         Reasion           : Identify amount of things
  15. “ Where did you work before?”
        “I worked only minutes ________ railroad track.”
         Answer            : From the
         Reasion           : Menentukan dimana
  16. “I don’t think it will rain at all today, do you?”
“        No , I _________ so.”
          Answer            : Do think not
          Reasion           : Some kind of Indirect Speech
    17. We have only another five minutes. I think we _________.
          Answer            : Be hurry
          Reasion           : Menentukan kami
     18. Many fans showed up at the stadium. They were _______ the big game.
          Answer            : Anxious to see
          Reasion           : Menentukan berapa banyak
   19. “Who did you meet at the community dinner dance?”
         “ I met many ________ people.”
         Answer            : Celebration
         Reation            : Reposition In
   20. “John isn’t sure that the meeting will be held tomorrow.”
         “I met many ________ people.”
          Answer            : Am certainly
          Reasion           : Past Tense
    21. My brother loves to watch baseball ; I ___________ basketball.
          Answer            : Preferring to watch
          Reasion           : Prefer+to V1
   22. Many people are waiting for the news bulletin. It will ___________ soon.
         Answer            : Circulate around
         Reasion           : Simple Present
   23. I think our guests will __________.
         Answer            : Shortly be here
         Reasion           : Come after will
   24. Who ____________ when John is likely to turn up.
         Answer            : Do know
        Reasion           : Present future
  25. The managers are ___________ a new work schedule now.
        Answer            : Arranging up
        Reasion           : Simple Present

Senin, 29 April 2013



Nama   : TB Ali Adiguna
Npm    : 13209551
Kelas   : 4EA03
1.  You are welcome to order the goods now.’’ But payment should be made for advance.
2.   where do you live now ? ‘’ I live in Utah my parents too do.
3.   I cannot understand my neighbor’s accent. I wish she would speak. Clearer
4.   Why are you driving so fast? I’am in  hurry.
5.   I have your music cd. I think also have  your concert video.
6.   I hear you have started a new job. what do you like ?
7.   I realy have to go now. I have an appointment to the doctor.
8.   I can meet you at central station. Will you be convient.
9.   I don’t have any result for you today . I have any  tomorrow
10. I would rather  prefer to have a quiet cup of coffee in the office than sit in a noisy cafĂ©.
11. Where do you go last wekensd >? I went to see my aunt and uncle.
12. I was very surpriced to hearing that she didn’n pass the exam
13. Why to hear  she isn’t speaking to us? We must have done  something the upset her. She is  just sensitive.
14. I hope that this winter won’t be as cold like.
15. Sorry to be late . I was delayed by  heavy traffic.
16. To sky is getting dark. It seems too rain is on its way.
17. Would you do me a small favour ? I would appreciate it very much.
18. I am familiar with that product . idon’t know how many  time I’ve seen it advertised on tv.
19. When will we leaving for Toronto,Canada ? we are planning to set out at 10 o’clock .
20. I asked Robert when he could  fix my leakig tap. He said that he would come round and fix it as fast as he could possibly.
21. Do you know how old that building is ? I would say that it was built at least 100 years ago.
22. The man told us that the next train would arrive at three thirty o’clock.
23. How large a crowd had gathered at the scene of the accident ? I don’t know exacty , but there where a lot of shocked onlookers’’.
24. That is the city in the worst crime record.
25. Where should I put this key ? you can deposit it on the shelf.
26. Writing  a book is truly a process and one that is imposibble to complete without considerable asistence from manyb other.
27. The first section of  this book will probably be most helpfully to you righ now.
28. My slow and steady approach to the chellenge of sleep focused on using this challenge as an opportunity to help you and your baby.
29. Other parents might want to incorporate other calming rituals,such as singing a lullaby saying prayers, or telling  a story.
30. If you wait to return until a child is crying or calling for you , you are sending them the very clear message that these calls and cries will lead to your return , and thereby motivate  these behaviors.
31. Just knowing that I would return was enough to let him stay, quietly in his bed.
32. When children awake at night , as they all will point you face an additional challenge . getting your child back to sleep when your areb probably most asleep yourself.
33. It seems to me that my previous position have afforded me just the experience need to enable me to do the work required in your office to your satisfaction.
34. This feeding should  be done quickly anf quiely so that you don’t  provide unnecessary stimulation and excitement .
35. I have been told by mr. john l Peterson , manager of the credit , the business book publishing company , new York , whith whom  I believed  you acquainted that you are expecting to make  some aditions  to you accounting  staff in janury 2013.
36. I shall be in rio de  janeiro in January , I hope that you will give me an interview at some time convenient to you during that month.
37. Thank you very much for calling to my attention the possible vacancies in the accounting  department  at the brazilia  brancah in the international business book company in  rio de jenerio.
38. In the school years of 2006 – 2007 I took  two course with you’’ accounting problem’’ and ‘’ cost accounting ‘’ at Bronx  community college  in the evening section.
39. I am greatly   interes  in the position as you outline it to me.
40. You may not release  continually buy pacifiers or have  multiple backup pacific with you at all time.

Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

importance of learning english

What makes the English language is important in the era of globalization? Maybe it was one of the many questions that arise in our mind after reading the title of this article. The answer to that question is very simple: because English has become a universal language is used in the world of technology, education, politics, commerce, and so forth. Language is the most crucial communication tool, and like it or not, this time English is very dominate all aspects of communication. We can see almost all electronic devices use English. Most countries in Asia are also using English as 'Medium of Instruction' or make the English as a second language after their national language. Call it the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. English is the communication tool most often used by the world. English is a global 'Lingua Franca'.

In a modern world filled with challenges and competition is super tight, everyone is advised not only have a high level of education, but also required specialized skills that we commonly call 'skill'. One of the 'skill' is most needed today is English. In accordance with the above explanation, English is the global language, so for those who want to step ahead of the people in general, need to even have to master English.

Many people are reluctant to learn English because they feel too old to be able to master the language. But I think the main capital to speak English well is not a person's age, how much determination Namuan someone to learn. As for the crucial that we must first master the vocabulary is in a language, or better known as the vocabulary. Vocabulary knowledge in English is the main capital in learning this language. Vocabulary is the cornerstone of learning a language. Someone who wants to learn a new language needs to deepen the knowledge of vocabulary to be able to speak fluently.

Learning the vocabulary is not difficult. Anyone can learn it quickly as long as once learned, vocabulary should be used as often as possible. Vocabulary should be introduced or taught since early childhood. However, it's never too late for anyone who wants to learn at the age of berapun.

When we asked "When is the best time to learn English?" Now is the time. If we feel shy or nervous when speaking English, it's not our fault. If we make a mistake in English, and even then not a mistake. Why? Because Native Speaker course often make mistakes in pronunciation (pronunciation) and grammar. How to cope with things like this is trivial, that is with high confidence and mastery of vocabulary.