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Tugas mengulang pelajaran yg di artikan dalam bahasa inggris

Tugas mengulang pelajaran yg di artikan dalam bahasa inggris
This book, as a part of the lecture’s not series is the first book of introduction management which tries to fulfill all the requirements for management introduction course is STIE gunadarma this book emphasizes more about specific management and business. And also related to the marketing, the accounting and the finance areas of study will be discussed.
Also this book discusses about how to when to be a management function and more it is then hope that this book will be of much help to the students in gaining the management introduction as a whole.
In part 1 : this book discussed about management definition. The management plays a vital role in any business or organized activity.
Management is composed of a team of managers who have charge of the organization at all levels. Also management as a know ledge and fine arts.
In part 2 : the management function most managers perform your basic function. These management function are :
• Planning, involves deter mining over all company objectives and deciding how these goal can best be achieved.
• Organizing, the second management function is the process is putting the plan into action. This involves allocating resources, especially human resources so that the overall objectives can be attained.
• Directing, the third of directing. Effective direction by managers requires on going communication with employees.
• In the last management function is controlling, managers evaluate how well company objectives are being met. In order to complete this evaluation managers must look at the objectives established in the planning phase.
In part 3 : management and external area.
In external area have two is micro’s area and macro’s area ( specific and general ) the definition of external environment is “all elements outside on organization that are relevan to its operation”
The general and specific environments of an organization!
• External macro : social variables, technological variables, economic variable and political variable.
• External micro : competitors, customers, supplies, government, the media, special interest group, labour union, and financial institution.
In part 4 : this book discusses about planning, to make management . menurut “newman” planning is deciding in advance what is to be alone and “ allen” planning is the determination of a course of action to active a desired result.
Planning is listed as the first management function because the other depend on it. However, even as managers move on to perform other managerial function, planning continues as goal and alternatives are further and revised.
In part 5 : organization, coordination, lini and staff.
What are the strategic goals of the organization ?
What task must be completed to achieve goals?
And more…

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